Remodeled Basements and Garages Ideas

Very often we may considerably improve our living conditions with remodeling.

You are welcome to learn more about reorganization of your property.

Remodeled Basements

Basement remodelers nowadays fully enjoy the opportunities of additional space under the house, arranging premises for rest on this floor, like playrooms, swimming pools or gyms. A tall basement floor is perfect for home fitness. Considerable footage is extremely beneficial for the idea of a home gym. A room for such a purpose shouldnít be less than 25-28 m2, with good air circulation. In this case, 2-3 people may train in this compact fitness centre simultaneously. Equip your gym with a bench press, hyperextension machine and a machine for cardio workout. Mirrors, intensive and even lighting, fitted carped on the floor are necessary for the design of your fitness centre. Other ideas suggest arrangement of a playroom and sauna on the square meters of under-the-house space. If a table for billiards is near sauna, it must be made of water-resistant materials.

remodeling a basement

Projecting a billiard room is advantageous here because the problem of the floor loading from a heavy billiards table (it may reach 1,5 t) is eliminated. A professional table requires 30-40 m2 of the area and a minimal ceiling height of 2,5 m. The optimal height is 4 m.

remodeled basements

A garage in the basement is not an ecologically-friendly solution. To get rid of car smell in the house you will need a super powerful system of ventilation. Besides, when a garage is lower than the soil level, a way of driving into it has an inclination, which is not convenient, especially in winter.

basement remodelers

Thatís why an independently standing garage is a more reasonable option. Anytime the need in its usage falls away, you may consider the garage remodeling into a compact residential area and arrange, letís say, a guest house there. A good idea is to install an attic floor and to make a finish inside so that thereís everything necessary for living there.

garage remodeling

If you have a dwelling of any type that you no longer use or donít like the way it looks, donít be in a hurry to tear it down. Thanks to remodeling you may come up with unexpected ideas for reorganization of your residential space. For example, an unpretentious garage may be turned into a decent mini-apartment.

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